You’ve created online courses, but that’s not your ENTIRE business, right?

Maybe you have a book you’ve written..
Or an e-book you’ve published…
Or another product you’ve developed…

… and you want to upsell THAT within your online course.

If you’ve been following me, you know that I work closely with several software systems that I use and recommend, and one of them is Book Like a Boss.

As online education businesses are generally run virtually, automating your online call bookings means you can focus your time on your students, marketing your business, and creating more content. Having a robust, but easy to use, appointment scheduling software is vital for an online education business.

One of the reasons I LOVE Book Like a Boss is that it’s not only an appointment scheduler but you can also use it to sell physical or digital products!


Book Like a Boss online scheduling


Watch as I walk you through how to create a “product” on Book Like a Boss and drop it into my course on Thinkific – the LMS I use to host my courses and membership site.



sell my online course

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