Need some help setting up online forms, surveys, or quizzes?

Generate leads, interact with customers, solicit feedback, onboard clients, upsell products and services and more – with Typeform.

Let’s face it. You have enough software and technology you’re already using.

What you need is one software that has multiple uses. Right?

Enter Typeform.


With just this one software you can:


  • Have personalized conversations with leads, customers, clients, and students – without you even being in the conversation!
  • Handle customer requests and provide automated personalized customer service
  • Prevent customer loss
  • Reach new audiences
  • Generate leads
  • Grow your email list
  • Acquire customer or student feedback
  • Increase student engagement rates
  • Gauge interest on your potential course topic
  • Provide interactive course evaluations
  • Run polls
  • Create interactive in-course surveys and quizzes
  • Sell or upsell digital or physical products
  • Sell or upsell services
  • Weed out potential poor hires
  • Onboard clients or employees
  • Provide automated quotes
  • Send invitations

AND you can embed your Typeforms on web pages, sales pages, landing pages OR have students use them from within your course!

Need one more reason to use Typeform? All of the data collected is yours AND form results can be automatically added to a spreadsheet, emailed to you (or someone else), or zapped to another software program. Form results can also be automatically sent to the person who completed the form!

In today’s competitive landscape, data is gold.. and Typeform gives you complete control over yours.


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