thinkific site builder

Want to learn how to use Thinkific’s new site builder?

Well, I can show you. I’ve build hundreds of Thinkific sites for clients and have multiple Thinkific sites of my own.

Here’s a Thinkific site we recently built for a client using the Thinkific Site Builder with NO custom coding.


We create Thinkific sites for clients based on their vision, their brand, and their audience.

With Thinkific’s new site builder, our ability to create gorgeous on-brand sales pages and home pages just became a whole lot easier.

Before they released the new site builder, we often used external sales page builders like Leadpages and connected it to their Thinkific site, because it was challenging to design high-converting sales pages.

But not anymore!


Site Builder Is Available To Everyone


Thinkific’s Site Builder is now available to anyone who uses the Thinkific platform.

No, you won’t pay extra for it.

No, you don’t have to be on a paid plan to use it.

Switching to the new Site Builder is completely optional, but there are some big benefits to moving over including:

  • Some new features that may only be available to Site Builder Theme users
  • Templates to work from
  • Additional themes to choose from
  • Drag ‘n drop sections that you can add and delete


Transitioning To Site Builder


Now before you start asking if you have to move to the new Site Builder, you don’t. It’s optional – but a very good option.

I know you probably spent a good deal of time creating your pages before you launched your online course, but trust me – once you’re using the Site Builder you’ll wonder how you ever created those pages before.

Once you’ve decided to transition to Site Builder, you can actually build your new home page, course sales pages, and additional pages in the background and publish the new theme when you’re ready – so there’s no rush.

There are some considerations that you’ll want to factor into your decision to transition:

  • Any custom coding you’ve done, or had done, to your current theme is not automatically transferred over to your new Site Builder theme. You’ll have to manually transfer that content.
  • Any content you have on your current course sales pages is not transferred over to the new Site Builder (meaning you’ll have to build them from scratch)
  • Any additional pages (privacy policy, FAQ’s, etc.) will need to be designed using Site Builder


Read more about what is transferred over to your current theme and what’s not.

If you’re ready to make the move, Thinkific has a good overview of the process of transitioning to site builder.



The Basics Of Using Site Builder


Thinkific’s Site Builder is comprised of these pieces:

  • Themes
  • Header
  • Sections
  • Additional Content
  • Settings
  • Blocks
  • Footer




The first thing you’ll do is choose your site-wide theme, and then your sub-theme within the theme.

At the time of publishing there are 3 themes and 3-4 sub-themes to choose from.





The header is the top part of your Thinkific site and normally shows your logo, any additional pages or custom links, and the Sign In / My Dashboard link for students.

thinkific site builder



You can choose from several style & alignment options, as well as whether you’d like to add custom links or links to custom pages here.











Sections make up your pages and differ somewhat depending on which Site Builder theme you’re using.

You can add, delete, and rearrange the sections of your pages.

Some of the sections to choose from are:

  • Additional Products
  • Banner
  • Bonus Material
  • Call To Action
  • Checklist
  • All Categories [smart section]
  • Categories
  • Curriculum [smart section]
  • Countdown Timer
  • FAQ’s
  • Image & Text (with CTA)
  • Image Gallery
  • Instructor(s)
  • Pricing Options
  • All Pricing Options [smart section]
  • Social Proof: reviews
  • Social Proof: logos
  • Social Proof: testimonials
  • Icons & Text
  • Text (with CTA)
  • Text & Media
  • Upsells
  • Video


There are a lot of options!

As you can see, this course sales page is comprised of the Banner section, Checklist section, Text & media section, and the Countdown Timer section.

thinkific site builder


Additional Content


If you have additional content you’d like to add that doesn’t fit into a specific Section template, you can use the Text & Media section type.

This allows you to format as you’d like and add videos, images, links, tables, quotes, files, etc. all with the WYSIWYG editor.







Within each Section you’ll have the option to change the Settings of that section which will change the look / feel of that particular Section.

These are the Settings within the Banner section on this page:


Within each of these you can change the Settings.

For instance, within the Headings you can change the heading, subheading, text colour override and the heading size:




Blocks are optional and can be added to Sections (depending on the section).

As you can see in this Banner section, there’s the option to add a Button as a block:




Your site footer runs across the bottom of the pages on your Thinkific site, and at this time it’s site-wide.

This is where you’d add your copyright, link to privacy policy or terms of use, links to your social channels, etc. Again, this is customizable.


So whether you’re just getting started with Thinkific, or you’ve been using the LMS for a while, you’re going to be thrilled with the customizable pages now available using the Thinkific Site Builder.


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