Do you want to increase your course sales?

Knowing what your web visitors are doing on your site can give you the insight you need to increase your conversions from web visitors to students.

You’ve crafted your sales page for your course, and you know people are viewing it, but you want more of those web visitors to purchase your course.

One of the ways to improve your course sales pages is to find out exactly what web visitors are doing on your site, and where you’re losing them.

What if you could “spy” on your website visitors to get the data you need to improve your sales page conversions?


I’d highly recommend installing Google Analytics on your Thinkific site which will give you some good data to help you improve conversions, but there’s another tool I use to get real-time data.

It’s called HotJar.


HotJar allows you to use heatmaps to visualize your web visitors behaviour.

It records exactly what visitors are doing on your site.

And it allows you to see exactly where you’re losing those web visitors.

You can create feedback polls on your site, get to know your audience better using on-site surveys, and recruit test users!

Once you start getting some results from visitors, you can begin to analyze when and where they’re leaving your Thinkific site or specific pages, where you lose them on the pages, and can then begin to tweak your sales pages to convert more web visitors to leads and sales! 



So my question for you is, how are you tracking visitor activity so that you can improve your conversions?

Are you going to give HotJar a try?