A steady stream of website visitors will allow your business to grow.
Whether you’re new to online business, or you’ve been here for a while, you need to be targeting cold traffic – and driving them to your website.
Now you may be starting from ground zero with very little content on your website for your visitors, or you may have tons of great content but not enough traffic.
Driving cold traffic to your website, where your original content should live, requires a plan.
After all, the content you create should introduce your cold audience to you and your brand, build your credibility, and move them into your funnel so that you can start building a relationship with them, provide the solution to their problem(s), and achieve a return on your investment.
But first – a warning: don’t start driving traffic to an unproductive website. If your website needs some work, or you haven’t created a basic opt-in funnel to collect email addresses, then you need to start there.
There are many effective ways to target cold traffic and drive them to your website to consume your content.


There are many factors involved in SEO success, and each factor is weighted.
Using appropriate keywords and descriptions, including alt image tags, and adding fresh, relevant content to your website, and ensuring that your website is mobile responsive will help your web pages get indexed by Google and served to those searching.
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Back Links

Some search engines, like Google, will place more weight on websites that are linked from other websites.
Google assumes that if other sites are linking to your website from theirs, it’s likely because you have quality content. That you’re providing value to your web visitors.
If you’re using an LMS (such as Thinkific) to host your online courses, be sure to link your LMS to your website – and vice versa.
If you’re writing articles for other websites, be sure that your bio has links back to your website.
If you’re guesting on podcasts, be sure that the show notes on the podcast host’s website links back to your website.

Blog Posts

Adding fresh, relevant blog posts to your website frequently will help the search engines rank your web pages higher and this will, in turn, mean more web visitors for you.
Once you’ve published a blog post be sure to repurpose it! Create social media posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. which provide a ‘teaser’ of the blog post and link back to your original post.
Optimize your blog posts for social sharing. Use eye-catching images, titles, and descriptions that make people want to click on it.
Use a social sharing plugin on your website to encourage web visitors to share your content with their friends.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a two-way street.
You can invite others to guest blog on your site, reducing the amount of content you need to produce.
You can also reach out to others with the same target audience to see if you can provide a few guest blogs for them.
This will put you in front of their audience and drive traffic to your website from theirs – as well as providing some of those super-valuable back links.

You Tube Videos

That’s enough of a reason for you to be publishing videos on Youtube.
Youtube videos that you post can be optimized so that they’re more likely to be found. Do your research to find the best tags and keywords to help you optimize your videos.
Linking back to your website in the Youtube video description will help drive more traffic to your website from Youtube.
Google owns Youtube, so embedding your Youtube videos on your website (pages or as posts) will drive more traffic to your website as well.

Live Streams

Hosting live streams on Youtube or Facebook can be an effective way to reach cold traffic.
Make sure you ask, several times through the broadcast, for your viewers to share the live stream with their audience.
When they share the live stream you’ll be in front of their audience with the added benefit of social proof (“If Kim shared this, then it’s gotta be good!”).


If you have the time to devote to it, podcasting can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.
Don’t have time to host your own podcast? See if you can be a guest on someone else’s.
Every podcaster has a website where their podcast will live forever more. On the podcast web page they’ll have show notes which will include links back to your website from theirs.
Back links AND getting yourself in front of a new audience. WIN!

Paid Ads

Always lead with value when targeting cold traffic with paid ads. If they suspect that you’re going to “pitch” them after they click the ad, they won’t click.
Paid ads will drive cold traffic to your website much faster than you can by driving traffic organically, so more potential buyers will be introduced to you and your brand.
Don’t expect an upfront ROI when running cold traffic to your website.
Targeting cold traffic through these tactics will drive more traffic to your website.
More traffic to your website means more web visitors moving through the know, like, trust cycle essential to them becoming buyers and raving fans.

How are you targeting cold traffic?

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