The world of social media can be confusing.

Understanding which social media sites are the right ones to use to grow your business could mean the difference between success and failure.

My customers told me that I should be on Instagram…

My employees say I should be Pinning…

I’ve heard that Facebook is good for small business marketing…

There is no magic formula to determine which social media sites you should be using to grow your business, but with the right information, you can make an informed decision that could catapult your business. Let’s look at some of the reasons why certain social media sites may work better for growing your business.

Should I Be Using Facebook?

  • Worldwide, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users (as of June 2017) which is a 17 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook). Facebook users outnumber every other social network, so even if your demographic doesn’t use Facebook for business – they’re on there.
  • The average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes. You have a limited time to reach your target audience so keep your content interesting, unique, and relevant.
  • There are currently 65 million local business Facebook pages but only 4 million of those businesses are actively advertising on Facebook. (Source: Facebook). This means that there is a TON of opportunity for you to get directly in front of your potential clients and customers by investing a small amount in targeted Facebook advertising.

You’ve heard of 6 degrees of separation? Well according to this Facebook study, “each person in the world (at least among the 2.01 billion people active on Facebook) is connected to every other person by an average of three and a half other people.” This study shows the power of social media and in particular, Facebook.

How To Grow Your Business Using Facebook

  • Optimizing your Page allows you to be found in Facebook search results.

  • Creating an effective username / URL can help your business get found in Google search.

  • Sell your products and services within your Page.

  • Posting relevant, interesting, engaging, timely content at times when users are most active allows you to get in front of your ideal client or customer on Facebook and encourages them to engage with your business.
  • Monitor competitors and draw their audience to you.

  • Live video streaming allows you to connect with your Facebook audience in a very intimate way, creating trust and bonding them to you.

  • Targeted (I’m talking VERY TARGETED) advertising means that you’ll spend less to capture leads and sales.


Should I Be Using Twitter?

  • Twitter has 328 million monthly active users – about 1/7th of the number of Facebook monthly active users. Sure there are fewer users than Facebook, but that gives you the opportunity to better target Twitter users by using hashtags and tagging.
  • Twitter supports over 40 languages and more than 79% of Twitter accounts are located outside the USA. Is your target demographic outside of the USA? If so, using Twitter may help you reach them better than other social media channels.
  • 36% of online Americans who are Millennials. If Millenials are your potential clients and customers, then you should consider using Twitter to reach them.
  • 66% of users have found new SMB’s on Twitter. 94% of these intend to make a purchase from an SMB they follow, and 69% have already made a purchase. Think Twitter isn’t for small business? Think again!

How To Grow Your Business Using Twitter

  • Twitter is a great listening tool, allowing you to learn what others are saying about your business, your competitors, and your industry

  • Offer better customer service by being there when your customers are loving you, and hating you. Retweeting and responding to tweets about your business/brand shows that you’re paying attention.

  • Helps with SEO, as tweets are indexed by Google and other search engines.

  • Having an active Twitter feed shows your followers (and potential followers) that you’re current.

  • You can follow anyone on Twitter, without having to ask for an introduction.

  • Hashtags! Categorize topics of conversation with hashtags to catch the attention of customers, and to attract potential employees.

Should I Be Using Linkedin?

  • There are currently over 100 Million active Linkedin users. Average users spend 17 minutes monthly on Linkedin. It may be more challenging to get in front of your demographic on Linked as they’re not as active on this social channel.
  • 19% of Canadian social media users use Linkedin. Of those, 19% use Linkedin daily and 76% use it monthly. If Canadians are your demographic, they’re on Linkedin.
  • 44% of Linked users earn more than $75,000 in a year. 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn. Looking for investors? Are you a B2B? You need to be on Linkedin.
  • 40 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. Students and college grads are on Linkedin looking for connections and opportunities. If your products and/or services cater to this demographic, you should be on Linkedin.

How To Grow Your Business Using Linkedin

  • Complete, and optimize, your Linkedin profile to get found on Linkedin search.

  • Set up a company page to highlight your products and services – and keep it updated.

  • Acquire recommendations and endorsements to provide social proof that you are credible, trustworthy and deliver on your promises.

  • Drive traffic to your website by publishing articles to Linkedin. Expert Tip: Use a lead magnet throughout your article to grow your email list and build relationships!

  • Showcase your work with slides, videos, and interviews.

  • Join, and participate in, Linkedin Groups to connect with others in your industry and potential customers or clients.


Should I Be Using Pinterest?

  • There are 1 Million businesses with Pinterest accounts. Only 5% of these are US-based small businesses. Fun Fact: My Pinterest account sends more traffic to my website than referrals from all other social channels put together!
  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan their purchases. If you have physical or digital products, Pinterest could help you get your products in front of more of your target audience.
  • 67% of content pinned to Pinterest boards is from business websites. This means that if you have your website optimized for Pinterest with pinnable images, there is a strong likelihood that your content will be shared to Pinterest (and then shared again and again and again).

How To Grow Your Business Using Pinterest

  • Optimize your Pinterest profile, boards, and pins to get found on Pinterest search.

  • If you (or another Pinner) adds a Pin directly from your website, the link back to your website can’t be broken so no matter how many times it’s shared, it will always lead back to the source (your website).

  • Pin blog post images, product images, and sales videos, and lead Pinners back to your website to drive sales and increase website traffic.

  • Create Boards that appeal to your target audience to increase the number of Pinners finding your Boards and Pins.

  • Conduct market research by testing a few pins about a new product or service you’re considering adding to your offerings.

  • Add Rich Pins – apps, movies, recipes, articles, products, and places.


Should I Be Using Google+?

  • There are 395 Million active Google+ users. Approximately 10% of those users visit Google+ monthly and spend around 4 minutes per visit. Google+ has an active user base but without a lot of SMB competition. Take advantage of it.
  • 73% of Google+ users are male. If your demographic is male – and especially if they are engineers, developers and/or designers, you want to be on Google+.
  • Google owns Google+. is the most visited website in the world. See where I’m going with this?

How To Grow Your Business Using Google+

  • Optimize your business page, and grow your Google+ audience, to increase the chances of your Google+ page and posts being found in Google searches and by Google+ users.

  • Post quality content to get comments, mentions and +1’s from others, increasing your chances of others finding your content.

  • When you use Google+ as your page you can comment on any publicly shared Google+ posts, allowing you to get your business noticed in a non-spammy way.

  • Use Google Hangouts to create events and connect with your followers.

  • Build a free Google+ community around your products to establish your authority.


Should I Be Using Instagram?

  • Instagram has over 700 Million active users, and Insta boasts the highest engagement rates.
  • Over 70% of US businesses are using Instagram – that’s double the number using the social network in 2016. The ability to have a Business Profile on Instagram likely accounts for the large jump in businesses taking advantage of powerful features and analytics for business profiles.
  • 80% of Insta users follow at least one business, with 60% of Insta users first finding a business on Instagram. 30% of users have purchased a product from a business they follow.

How To Grow Your Business Using Instagram

  • Instagram is now owned by Facebook, and you have the option of sharing your Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter – tripling your exposure.

  • Change the clickable link in your profile to direct your followers where you want them to go, driving more website traffic.

  • Upload short videos – behind the scenes, customer testimonials, etc., and take advantage of Instagram’s Stories to allow your followers to get to know you and your business.

  • Run Instagram contests, and utilize Instagram video ads for further business exposure.

  • Have a content and hashtag strategy. Use appropriate hashtags to increase your post exposure.
  • Post often on weekdays when Insta users are most heavily engaged.

So there you go. The 6 top social media sites that you should be paying attention to, and considering for your business.

Information = knowledge, but what you do with that knowledge is what matters. Take the time  to determine which social networks your business should be using, and ensure that you have a strategy to implement in order to measure your ROI.

I’d love to know – which social media channels are you using for business and why?

Leave a comment below and join the conversation!