Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Assistant?


Virtual Assistant (Virtual Professional) is a relatively new title, and profession, having emerged with the advance of technology. These professionals are often called VA’s and are small business owners themselves. They offer a variety of virtual (remote) services to clients without ever having to step foot into your business or office. VA’s create collaborative relationships with their clients so that you can work together seamlessly.

Clients hire VA’s to dedicate their time to projects for the client. Virtual Assistants can assist in many ways – from administrative (creation of templates, data entry, correspondence) to creative (web design and development, graphic design) to marketing (social media marketing, online marketing).

Why would I outsource my tasks and projects?

As a small business, business owner, or entrepreneur, you wear many hats. You may be doing all of the work yourself to avoid hiring on-site employees and working so much that you’re approaching burnout (like I was!). Outsourcing tasks and projects allows you to focus on what you NEED to be doing in your business – connecting with clients and customers, generating revenue, and growing your business.


  • Outsourcing Creates Time for You to Grow Your Business
    By hiring a specialist or virtual assistant, you can focus on generating revenue, providing better customer service to your current clients, expand your client base, and ultimately grow your business.


  • Specialists and Virtual Assistants Are Hard Working and Reliable
    We are all running our own business so YOUR success is OUR success.  The result of his or her work is a direct reflection of him or her, and their business. He or she is a time management specialist and a master of prioritizing. He or she has a passion for helping clients and knows that reliability is a key factor in relationships with her clients.


  • Get Specialized Assistance
    Adding those to your virtual team that have a variety of skills and experience can fill in skill gaps. Competitor research, social media management, website design and development, and event planning, are some specialized tasks that we can assist with, in addition to administrative tasks.


  • Outsourcing Cost LESS Than Hiring Employees
    We only charge for the time spent on your tasks or projects and can be hired on an as-needed basis. With outsourcing you don’t pay for fringe benefits, lease spaces, overhead, distractions, extended breaks, or chit-chat around the water cooler. We are generally more efficient, experienced and focused so it takes less time to get the job done properly. We are dedicated and committed to our quality of work. Happy clients = Referrals = More happy clients.
How do I work with you?

You get to choose who you’d like to work with!

You can either choose a recommended specialist or you can submit an RFP and meet with individual virtual assistants to find the best fit for you. 

Each specialist and VA has different skills and experience. It’s important to understand that one specialist or VA won’t have all of the skills that you require for all tasks and projects.

Virtual professionals and virtual assistants work remotely, which means that we can work with you without ever meeting face-to-face or stepping foot into your office. We work from our own offices and have the technology to be able to assist you wherever you work from.

We use a variety of systems and applications like Google Drive, Teamwork, and Skype, to collaborate and complete tasks assigned to us – on time and on budget.

You only pay for the hours devoted to you and your business. You’re not paying for coffee breaks and lunch hours, chit chat around the water cooler, lease space, office supplies or any other expenses that you would with employees, AND you have a team of professionals ready to support you in your business when you need them.

What tools do you need to do your job?

One of the benefits of outsourcing is that you don’t have to purchase lease space, office supplies, technology, pay phone bills or other costs associated with employees. We are independent contractors and ensure that we have the tools we need to complete our tasks. Current technology – computers, printers and cell phones, of course. We love Google Drive for file sharing, Skype and Google+ for virtual meetings, Teamwork for project management, and a variety of other tools to stay organized and efficient.