Launches & Funnels

Whether your goal is to acquire new prospects and leads, convert leads to buyers, or sell more (or more often) to your clients and customers, you need a funnel.

Want to turn your website (or your Thinkific site) visitors into leads, students, and customers?

Want to instantly engage your prospects and target them with the message that’s right for them?

Want to create an automated sales machine?

Want sales and marketing funnels that ACTUALLY convert prospects to leads, and convert leads to customers and students?


Then you need a funnel.


Simply stated, a funnel is a set of steps a web visitor goes through before they can/will take action (called a conversion).


There are hundreds of scenarios in which you would want to use funnels including:


  • Capturing leads on your website
  • Growing your email list
  • Enrolling challengers into your online Challenge
  • Attending a webinar
  • Email course enrollments
  • Launches (leading up to course launch, pilot program launch)
  • Converting free trial participants into paying customers and students



There are also a number of parts and pieces to every funnel, and different technology used to automate the funnel.

  • Email marketing software
  • Social media marketing/advertising
  • Webinar software
  • Landing page software
  • Funnel building software
  • Online booking software
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Facebook ads


Sure, you can create your own funnels.

Lots of entrepreneurs do it, and many of those same entrepreneurs come to us in tears because their funnels aren’t working.


There is a strategy, technology know-how, and years of experience that goes into creating funnels that work.

From creating the strategy to building (and monitoring) high-converting funnels, we can help.

Book your courtesy consultation to determine which funnels you may need, and let’s start making you some revenue!