The 3rd month of the year was a busy one for me (clearly, as it’s already mid-April by the time I’m getting this blog post published!).

Thank you to my email subscribers, clients, past clients, and students for your kind words about my February’s Month In Review. I love getting all of your emails encouraging me to continue to share what’s happening in my life and business.

Lots to share about March, both personally and professionally.

Here we go!



March was an exciting month for me, personally.

My only child, Dante, turned 18 years old! This is a huge milestone as it really means that he’s closer to adulthood than childhood. This is the year that he’ll graduate from high school and begin college, crafting a career and life that he (hopefully) loves.

As a single mom for those 18 years, there were many times when I wondered, “Am I doing the right thing?”. Now I get to see the results of my parenting and his genetics, and I’m so proud of him. He’s thoughtful, kind, empathetic, fun, and passionate. What more could a parent ask for?

I’ve always preferred gifts of experiences to gifts of things, and this year he wanted to go to a car meet in Tacoma, WA. Most of our vacations have included at least one of his friends… because being an extroverted only-child can be a bit lonely, and this trip was no different. The boys loaded into Dante’s car (because, well, you need to bring your car to a car meet) and I jumped into my vehicle and we were off!

I was a little concerned about my 17 year old driving down to Tacoma in his own car but my fears were unfounded. During the 6 hour road trip he drove like a champ navigating exits and multi-lane highways like he’d been driving for many years.

For me it was a little stressful – watching the boys in my rearview mirror to ensure that they kept up, didn’t get off on the wrong exit, didn’t get in an accident, etc. all while keeping my eyes in front of me to be sure that I was going where Google Maps was telling me we should, safely.

We had an adventurous few days away! The boys had the most amazing time at the car meet, meeting Youtubers they’ve been following for years and other guys in the car community, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Tacoma Glass Museum – awestruck at the incredible pieces of blown glass art and watching the artists creating.

Here’s a 4-minute highlight of the whirlwind road trip.




This month was another whirlwind professionally.

I hired 3 more people to join the Brainy Girl team – Jen and Melorna to help out with client projects, and Brittany who’s come on board as my Right Hand Gal. I had over 125 applicants for these positions, and these three fantastic ladies made the cut.

The incredible Janet has been with me for some time, helping me with Thinkific site builds, and will continue to help out in this capacity.


Brainy Girl Team


This means that we’re able to help more novice course creators with launching their online courses!

There is a lot of upfront training required with new hires (as you know if you’ve gone through the process) but I’m keeping the long-term benefits in mind. These gals are dynamic and talented and I’m thrilled that they’ve joined the Brainy Girl team.

We started and completed several new client projects in March including:

  • Helping the Business and Brand Alchemy program on the Thinkific platform
    8-Week B-School For Modern-Day Entrepreneurs To Gain Clarity, Positioning, Growth, Systems & Scale For Their Brands
  • Getting Divorce Games onto the Thinkific platform
    A popular step-by-step course to gatheor, organize, and plan your divorce
  • Getting ChangeFit™ Labs onto the Thinkific platform
    Boot Camps in Change-Readiness
  • Getting Learn Bird Care onto the Thinkific platform
    Online and face-to-face training in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, orphaned or injured birds
  • Setting up a basic optin funnel for
    Starting with the optin squeeze page for a free download to a webinar leading to a 10-week Woman’s Worth Workshop

Lots of coaching and consulting sessions this month as well!



I didn’t spend a lot of time on the online education side of my business this month. The courses in there are complete (and I have to be aware of my addiction to creating new courses) so this month I just focused on helping our students in The Course Creators Inner Circle.

Some of my students had some great WINS this month:

student success



If you read my February Month in Review you’ll know that I was invited to join Typeform’s pilot program for Agency Partnerships, starting in April.

The Agency Partnership pilot program started on April 1st, and now myself and my team are available to help you create quizzes, surveys, course evaluations, lead generation forms, and more!

With just this one software you can:

  • Have personalized conversations with leads, customers, clients, and students – without you even being in the conversation!
  • Handle customer requests and provide automated personalized customer service
  • Prevent customer loss
  • Reach new audiences
  • Generate leads
  • Grow your email list
  • Acquire customer or student feedback
  • Increase student engagement rates
  • Gauge interest on your potential course topic
  • Provide interactive course evaluations
  • Run polls
  • Create interactive in-course surveys and quizzes
  • Sell or upsell digital or physical products
  • Sell or upsell services
  • Weed out potential poor hires
  • Onboard clients or employees
  • Provide automated quotes
  • Send invitations

AND you can embed your Typeforms on web pages, sales pages, landing pages OR have students use them from within your course!

You can learn more about Typeform, and how we can help you, here.



Google Analyticsgoogle analytics

  • Overall traffic to my website was up 47% compared to February 2019, with a 544% increase in traffic coming from social media this month! The social channels driving the most traffic were Facebook and Youtube.
  • In March, pages from my website were shown to 9,700 people on Google who were searching for related terms last month, and the average click through rate (to my website from a Google search) was 4%. That tells me that I need to rework my snippets that are showing up on Google.


Youtube Analytics

  • Video watch time was up by 17%. That means that total video watch time (time viewers watched my videos) for the month of March was 9,000 minutes.
  • In March, my Youtube video previews were shown to over 24,000 people on Youtube who were searching for related terms or watching related videos, and the average click through rate was 5.3%.
  • As you can see, 34.8% of the viewers who watched my videos came through Youtube search (it’s a powerful search engine!) and 33.7% came from related videos. This is thanks to optimizing each of my Youtube videos so that they’re picked up in search AND so that they’re shown to Youtube visitors who are shown the related videos – mine being among them.





My mantra for April is

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt




I’ve already started going on longer hikes in preparation for doing the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail hike in July. It’s a 42 km trail, split up into a 4 day hike.

Last week a friend and I hiked 8km of the Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park and this month I have a number of longer hikes planned!

sooke hills wilderness regional trail

Work Hard Play Hard

With more travel in my future, I plan to work hard and play hard. When I’m here (working in my home office) I’m pulling longer days knowing that I’ll be having at least a few days off each month for the next year to get away and create new experiences for myself. I’m not going away in April or May so I plan to keep my head down and help as many novice course creators as possible!



Rework My Google Snippets (SEO)

Given that my web pages reach a large number of people each month in the Google search results, but that the click through rate is under 5%, I need to up my game to bring more of those seeing my web pages on Google to click through to my website.

Create More Free Content

Now that I have added a few more people to the BG team it has freed me up to create more free content for my blog and Youtube channel. It’s one of my favourite things to do!

I plan on creating lots of great content this month on how to use quizzes, surveys, course evaluations, etc. using Typeform.


Looking back at the last month has been a very valuable experience for me, and I hope it inspires you to do the same!