January, for many people, is a clean slate. A fresh start.

Unfortunately, often we create lofty goals leading up to New Year’s Eve, and by January 10th we’re beating ourselves up because we didn’t “stick to the plan”.

I didn’t set any resolutions leading up to New Year’s Eve this year. Instead, I decided that I was going to have the INTENTION to embrace every day of 2019 as a new day, and that I would measure and improve daily.

I knew I wanted to hold myself accountable, reflect more, and get more personal with my online audience, so this year I’m implementing Month In Review.

At the end of each month I’m going to publish these reflections, hopefully inspiring you to review your own life and business, and continue to work towards being the very best version of you!



Personally, January was a challenging month. Not because I was pushing myself, but because I wasn’t. And for a do-er, that’s a slow death.

I was still licking my wounds from a breakup in November 2018, but feeling stronger day by day. I spent a lot of time consciously practicing self-love and self-care.

For me that meant reconnecting with friends, taking long baths, resuming my meditation practice, going to the theatre often (I saw A Star Is Born four times!), and curling up on the couch with my dog, an uber-soft blanket, and a great book.

I was in hibernation mode.

I only got to the gym a handful of times, and had way too many bowls of buttered popcorn BUT I also went for many long evening walks. The crisp air and conversations with friends were good for my soul.

I got a little more motivated toward the end of January and registered myself for an upcoming 10km run at the end of April. Training started yesterday. Yikes!

I’ve run 2 x 10km races in my life, but both were about 14 years ago. I’m both nervous and excited about training for this one.

The last weekend of the month I left my son and dog at home (gulp!) and went to Vancouver for the weekend with one of my close girl friends. We stayed at a beautiful hotel on the waterfront, attended a Youtube workshop at Thinkific Headquarters, ate out, walked along the waterfront several times, created alter-ego’s for ourselves (hello Jesse Jane and Tabatha – the Scottish duo!) and laughed so much my face hurt.

What a great way to end the month!

vancouver adventures | month in review



Work wise, it was a strong start to the year.

After 3 weeks holidays in December, I felt rejuvenated and excited about returning to my business and starting some new client projects!

We helped Zenso Creative get their Thinkific site launched (and the owner sent me this really awesome video testimonial) and The Affinity Lounge get their courses launched. 

brainy girl client reviews


I had several strategy calls (which I love!) to help other clients get their marketing sorted out as well. I’ve had many requests from clients who wanted ongoing coaching / guidance, so I added some additional packages for purchase.

brainy girl services for novice course creators




When I reviewed my Google Analytics at the end of January I was pleased to see that:

  • Overall traffic to my website increased by 14% over December 2018.
  • Organic traffic still makes up almost 50% of my overall traffic to my website. There’s power in inbound marketing!
  • Youtube and my Thinkific Experts Directory profile are the top two referrers to my website (about 10% of traffic between the two of them).

On the online education side of my business, we re-launched
The Course Creators Inner Circle at the beginning of the month and it’s been so fun to get to know the new members. We had 1 x co-working session, 1 x live training (on SEO), and 1 x Ask Us Anything session in January. Everyday we get to interact with our members in the private Facebook community and I’m in awe at what an incredible group of people are in there.


At the end of the month I soft-launched my new course, Online Education Automation. It’s everything you need to use Convertkit with Thinkific to stop losing potential customers and to keep your students engaged with email.


Lynne and I have been working hard to complete our signature course, List To Launch. This course is for anyone who’s asking the question…

“How do I market my courses?”


Our goal is to launch it this month and we’ve got lots of novice course creators REALLY excited to enroll and get moving with building their email list and online audience.





My mantra for February is “One foot in front of the other.”


Personal Goals


#1 – Quit smoking.

I’ve been smoking for 30 years, save when I was pregnant with my son. I also quit for about 6 months when he was 10 years old, but then went to a party, lit up, and that was that.

I’ve just started taking Champix which worked extremely well for me when I quit previously so I’m hopeful and determined that I’ll be a non-smoker by the end of February!


#2 – Train for 10km race.

I’m getting back to my regular workouts this month. I’ll be running 3 x per week and at the gym 3 x per week.

I’m using an app on my iPhone which guides me along in the training for the 10km coming up on April 28th. I’d like to be up to running 4km (without stopping or walking) by the end of February.

I got into running about 8 years ago and a few months into it I was running 7-8 km daily! I felt great and had an abundance of energy so I’m looking forward to getting started again.


Professional Goals


#1 – Double my Youtube subscribers.

I get a lot of leads and make affiliate commission from my Youtube channel so it’s definitely one of my focuses this year.

I currently have 451 subscribers and I want to double that number by the end of February. 

Not a subscriber yet? Now’s the time!

Already a subscriber? Share my videos and help me reach my goal!

There are many strategies I’m using to double my subscribers, starting with reviewing and editing my video titles, tags, descriptions, and custom thumbnails for my past videos. I’m going to publish at least 2 new Youtube videos weekly and be more consistent in my video scripting.


#2 – Update outdated blog posts.

I get a good amount of traffic to my website, and my blogging strategy is one of the key reasons. A great way to increase your organic reach is to consistently update your blog posts and re-purpose them.

I have lots of great gems on my blog so it’s time to refresh them and drive even more traffic to them, ultimately helping more novice course creators learn what they need to in order to succeed with online education.


#3 – Online education.

Launch our new signature course, List To Launch!


Looking back at the last month has been a very valuable experience for me, and I hope it inspires you to do the same!