How is it possible that we’re already in the 3rd month of the year?

It really is true that time passes more quickly with each passing year.

I got some thoughtful emails from my email subscribers, clients, past clients, and students about January’s Month In Review. They really enjoyed learning more about me, personally, and hearing what was happening behind the scenes in my business.

January’s post was a bit of an experiment, and I’ve committed to monthly reviews for a year. If you feel like dropping me a note with your feedback, I’d love to hear it!



February got off to a rough start personally. First I came down with a cold which, within a few days, had become full blown pneumonia.

I had grandiose personal and professional plans for February but those were thwarted by illness.

I’m not one of those people who uses illness as my “schtick”. In fact, I generally refuse to become sick. But sometimes we get hit by a Zen 2×4 if we don’t pay attention to the Zen stones that are being thrown at us.

I was supposed to be well into my 10km training this month but it took half of the month just to be able to get through a whole day without napping!

I did get to the gym, and out for some evening walks, but I’m now 8 weeks away from the race and haven’t yet completed my first run. Ugh.

liver rescue

I continued my liver cleanse protocol through the month and my digestive system LOVES me!

In addition to a variety of supplements and a huge increase in fruits, veggies, and water,  every afternoon I have a Chaga latte – unsweetened vanilla almond milk, dates (to sweeten), Chaga mushroom powder, ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I blend it all up into a frothy cup of warmth and goodness. It’s now one of my most favourite parts of my day.

I’ve faced the reality that I may need glasses, but am fighting it every step of the way! I’ve spent my life with perfect vision, despite every family member needing glasses at an early age, but at 45 years old and with straining to read my cell phone close up, I did it. I GOT A NEW CELL PHONE! 🤣🤣 It has a bigger screen, so really I’m just buying myself some time.

My son started a new job as a pizza delivery driver. He loves making money and loves driving his car, so it’s the perfect job for him at this point. He’s been obsessed with vehicles since he was a toddler, and after he graduates from high school in June he’ll be heading off to college to take the auto mechanics program.

The house is a lot quieter with him being gone 3-4 evenings a week, and I’ve been dreaming and scheming for what the next year of my life will look like with more travel!

I’m considering combining work and play in my travel this year, specifically offering in-person workshops on a variety of topics for novice course creators. These would likely be offered throughout Canada and the States initially, but may expand to overseas as well!

Interested in providing your feedback on these workshops and staying in the loop?



This month was a whirlwind professionally!

I have 3 distinct revenue streams in my business – services, digital products (courses, live paid trainings, etc.), and affiliate marketing.

Balancing my time spent on each is always a juggle, and my clients and students take priority over affiliate marketing or producing free content for my audience.



I had 20+ initial calls with potential clients who needed help getting their courses online, and we’re starting lots of new Thinkific projects this month!

I also have several new clients working with me over the next few months to help them get their courses into the hands of more buyers (aka marketing).

We started several new projects in February, and completed a few as well including:



On the online education side of my business, we finally launched our much anticipated LIST TO LAUNCH COURSE – the most comprehensive program to set you up for a successful course launch, and we’re getting rave reviews! We’ve seen too many people “launch” their courses and wind up frustrated and disappointed, and we’re out to change that with the List To Launch course.

I also updated several of my video tutorials in active courses. Part of my responsibility as an online educator is keeping my course content current, and that means reviewing my course content quarterly and making any required changes or updates.



One revenue stream for my business is affiliate marketing. I promote the products and services I, myself, use and love to my clients, students, and online audience, and get paid a small commission per purchase.

My affiliate revenue for February was substantially down, but that’s likely because I didn’t add a lot of new Youtube videos or blog posts – or do much affiliate promotion – this month (which is where much of my affiliate revenue comes from).

I’ve been invited to join Typeform’s pilot program for Agency Partnerships, starting in April. I’m going to be doing a ton of new training videos for my Youtube channel to kick this off, so keep your eye out for those.

I love that I can create forms OR interactive conversations using Typeform, and that it integrates like a dream with Thinkific and Convertkit. There are a ton of use cases for it which I’ll be highlighting in my upcoming videos.



Here are some interesting stats from my Google Analytics (Feb 2019 vs Jan 2019):

  • Overall traffic to my website increased by 9% over Januarygoogle_analytics
  • Direct traffic was up by 64% and referrals from Youtube were up 9%!
  • 80% of visits to my website were made on a desktop (seriously!), 16% on mobile, and 4% on a tablet.


One of my February goals was to double my Youtube subscribers. Unfortunately I was going to do my batch filming for new videos Feb 1 – 3 but that’s when my body decided to tell me to SLOW DOWN.

youtube analytics


Although Watch Time for my Youtube videos was down, my video views were up, and I gained 40 new subscribers. I also got some great video feedback on several of my videos:

youtube comment


youtube comment




My mantra for March is

Inhale The Present, Exhale The Past



10k Training

Time to get serious. With less than 8 weeks to go before the 10km race, there’s no more time to waste.

Get My Veggies In The Ground

I love gardening! There is something about the feel and smell of the soil; growing my own organic vegetables that I love.

Play Time

My son is turning 18 at the end of March and has requested that I take he and his buddy down to Seattle for a long weekend this month to attend a car meet / car rally in Tacoma that he really wants to go to.

We’re packing up and taking off for a few days this month to take in the sites and sounds of Seattle. I’m going to stay off my phone for business and enjoy every glass blowing shop; every sip of Seattle’s incredible coffee; and savouring these precious moments with my son.



Double my Youtube subscribers.

Ok. Back to this goal from February that I didn’t meet.

I need to roll through all of my Youtube videos and update with end cards; review the tags and descriptions; and publish at least 10 new videos this month after analyzing which videos are my best performing ones.

Not a subscriber yet? Now’s the time!

Update Blog Posts To Increase Organic Search Results

Again – an unmet goal from February.

Time to update my blog posts, add some new ones, and revisit the SEO used on each to increase my organic search results.

Review My Systems

This month I’m going to be reviewing my current SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and updating, as well as creating some new SOP’s for recurring tasks. All of these SOP’s are kept within a hidden “course” in my Thinkific site which my team members can access!


Looking back at the last month has been a very valuable experience for me, and I hope it inspires you to do the same!