Let's Work Together

It’s a big step, deciding to find professionals you can trust to help you make your dream a reality.

Our specialists treat your business like our own.

How do we work together?


Our collective specialists work remotely, in locations throughout Canada and the United States, which means that we can work with you without ever meeting face-to-face or stepping foot into your office. We work from our own offices and have the technology to be able to meet with you, and assist you, wherever you’re located.


Each specialist uses systems and applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype, and Zoom, to collaborate and work with you.


With independent contractors, you only pay for the time and expertise devoted to you and your business. You’re not paying for coffee breaks and lunch hours, chit chat around the water cooler, lease space, office supplies and equipment, or any other expenses that you would with employees, AND you get to work with professionals and specialists who have the skill sets to support you in your business when you need them.


The Steps


Each specialist listed here works independently and is a business owner themselves.


You can choose one or more specialists that you may be interested in working with. Each specialist has their own process for working with clients, but all of our specialists come highly recommended by Brainy Girl herself. (Yes, I’ve worked directly with all of the specialists listed on the Brainy Girl website!)


If you don’t find exactly what, or who, you’re looking for, you can submit an RFP which we will distribute that to those within the VA Success Academy. Yes, Kim runs an academy for virtual assistants, so your RFP will be in front of hundreds of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants with a variety of specialties will get in touch with you directly based on the contact method in your RFP.