With over 2 billion Facebook users it’s likely that your target audience is on Facebook. Whether they’re using it personally or professionally, they’re in Facebook groups, scrolling their news feed, and using Facebook Messenger to chat with their friends or colleagues.

The are many effective tactics for using Facebook to market your business. Most won’t cost you anything except your time.

Here are my 7 favourite tips for using Facebook to market your business.



Your Facebook page cover photo is one of the most underutilized features of Facebook pages by businesses. It’s the prime real estate – the first thing visitors see when they visit your page.

Use your cover photo to highlight launches (“Coming Soon!”), new courses, new products, lead magnets, and to boost events.

Your cover photo should help lead your Facebook page visitors on a journey. When they land on you page, what do you want them to do? Join your Facebook group? Send you a message? Watch your videos? Use your cover photo to help them along!

Now you don’t want to be changing your cover photo daily, but do change your cover photo in line with your promotions, launches, and events.


Getting your Facebook page visitors to take action on your page is what determines whether you are going to move them from visitors to customers – or not.

Using Leadpages you can easily add a new tab to your page with your lead magnet or sales page. Providing the opportunity for page visitors to sign up for some of your content starts the know, like, trust cycle imperative to nurturing potential customers.



Live streaming video has leveled the playing field and is a game changer for entrepreneurs. The ability to connect with your fan base, followers, and target audience has just increased 1,000 fold with this Facebook feature, and it’s changing the game for online entrepreneurs.

Why should you be using Facebook Live?

Learn how to harness the power of Facebook Live for your business

Uncover and Overcome Your Fear of Live Streaming

Try these 10 ways to repurpose your Facebook Live videos



Not ready to live stream quite yet? Pre-record some videos and use them for content on your page.

On average only 2% – 5% of all of your Facebook followers ever see your image, status, or link posts, but it’s not unusual to get at least 10x more engagement on video posts. Using video as your primary content type on your Facebook page will keep your content in your follower’s newsfeeds.

BONUS TIP: Use the ‘Featured Video’ option for your intro video. It will be the first video your page visitors see when they visit your Facebook page.


You can’t always be on Facebook Messenger to interact with your potential customers when they need you. Facebook chatbots allow you to respond in real time to inquiries, queries, etc. through sequences and automation which you can set up and integrate with Facebook Messenger for your page.

You can lead potential customers and clients down nurturing sequences, offer them discounts, and even move them over to your website or e-commerce store using chatbots – without your hands ever touching the keyboard.



We all have influencers in our space. Ideally, you’re serving the same audience with different products and/or services. You’ve heard that doing JV (joint venture) launches and JV webinars can really get a lot of eyeballs on your products or services, so how do you get their attention and start to develop a relationship with them?

Step 1: Make a list of the influencers in your space – the ones that you would LOVE to do a JV anything with. Now go to their Facebook page but instead of hitting the ‘Like’ icon, click on the … icon. Choose the Facebook page you want to use to like the influencer’s page.

Step 2: Start sharing their super awesome content with your audience and tag them in the post to get their attention.

Step 3: Like Gary V says, jab – jab – jab – right hook (give, give, give, ask).


Facebook ads are all the rage right now. From video ads to collection ads, you can’t seem to scroll through your newsfeed without at least a few ads showing up – and there’s a good reason.

Facebook ads can be an extremely effective way to let your target audience know you exist, to tell your inspirational story, and to drive traffic to your website, product launch sales pages, or cart checkout. You can even retarget people who’ve watched one or more of your Facebook page videos!

A scattered approach to marketing will not get you the results you’re looking for, so be sure that you have a comprehensive marketing plan in place.

Your goals should be clear. That way, you can measure your marketing tactics against your goals and ensure that all of your tactics are working together.