Facebook has changed it’s algorithm, again, to prioritize engagement and community. What’s a business to do?

Join Lynne Miller and Kim Garnett as we discuss the changes to Facebook’s algorithm and provide strategies for keeping your business and brand front and center on Facebook.



(00:00) Introduction  – who are we and why should you care?

(02:24) What is this new Facebook algorithm change?

(06:40) Facebook Page – Strategies to keep your business and brand front in center

  • Optimize your Page for search
  • Utilize your cover photo
  • Get clients and customers to review your business on your Facebook Page
  • Move your Reviews tab
  • Ask followers to “See First”
  • Hack to grow your likes organically – from people who like your posts
  • Be consistent with quality content that your viewers want to see

(10:23) Facebook Video – The importance of it and Facebook video strategies

  • Live video is King
  • Facebook is pushing mobile views in your ads
  • Use video to start a conversation
  • Video is prioritized over all other content on Facebook
  • Native uploads vs external video links
  • Custom audiences based on video views
  • Vertical vs horizontal videos
  • The importance of metrics and testing

(17:34) Facebook Groups – What to do and what NOT to do

  • Why you shouldn’t be linking your Facebook groups to your Page

(19:07) Facebook Reach – How to continue to get organic reach on your Page

  • Achieving organic reach
  • The Buyer Persona
  • Keep it conversational
  • Interactions with your viewers

(25:16) Facebook Advertising – The play-to-play model and how to maximize your results

  • It’s a pay-to-play model
  • The “new” culture of everything-for-free
  • Ads are not going to be demoted
  • More people “in the game” so costs may increase
  • Invest in your business to reach the desired audience
  • Learning how to reach your buyers on Facebook
  • Factors in declining reach
  • More Facebook ads “experts” coming into the space – beware!

Which strategies are YOU using to keep your business front and center on Facebook?


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