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Are you terrified of creating a course that DOESN’T sell?

Are you overloaded with information on how to create and sell your course online, but don’t know what the next steps are and how to piece it all together?

Join The Modern Marketing Success Club – REAL Support + Technology and Marketing Training for Course Creators

The truth is that you CAN create a course that sells, but setting yourself up for success starts BEFORE you actually create the course and continues AFTER you’ve launched the course

Get daily live coaching and support + complete step-by-step training to create and launch a course that sells!
thinkific tutorial

“The money is in the list!” You’ve heard that, right?

If you don’t have a list, it’s going to be almost impossible to sell your course.

Having an engaged email list is the vital foundation for having an engaged audience who wants what you have. But where do you start?

In List Building 101 we’ll walk you through the steps to build your basic optin funnel (it’s not as scary as it sounds!) so that you can start growing your email list and building new relationships.

This course is NOT a theoretical course.  By the end of this course you’ll have a fully functioning basic optin funnel and be driving traffic to it – finally growing your email list!


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