Doing business online means having to employ different technology and software platforms to help you automate your business for efficiency, and the choices can be overwhelming!

As online education businesses are generally run virtually, automating your online call bookings means you can focus your time on your students, marketing your business, and creating more content.

Having a robust, but easy to use, appointment scheduling software is vital for an online education business.

You may want to use this for:

In 20 years of running an online business, the last 6 years specifically focused on helping novice course creators get their courses online and into the hands of their buyers, you can imagine the number of online scheduling tools and apps I’ve used.

Yes, they were able to help me automate somewhat but all were lacking in features I needed as an online business.

That is until… I came across Book Like a Boss.

Book Like a Boss is a relative newcomer, and I hopped on board to try it out when it was still in beta (Spring 2017). I filmed this video while I was originally setting up my account.


Book Like a Boss online scheduling


Since then, they’ve come out with a ton of features that I love and utilize that have allowed me to streamline my processes, generate revenue, and further automate my business while still feeling very personal to the end users. It’s why I recommend Book Like a Boss to my clients and the members of The Inner Circle.

So it was time to film an update on some of the features I love!



Which online booking system are you using and why do you love it?
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