The 5 BIG Reasons You Should Be Using Facebook Live For Your Business

Are you becoming disheartened with your Facebook Page reach declining? Do you want to engage more of your target audience on Facebook and turn them into customers and clients?

We’ve all heard that Facebook is becoming a pay-to-play model and you may be under the assumption that the ONLY way to get seen and known on Facebook is to run Facebook ads.


While running targeted Facebook ads is a great way to get in front of more of your target audience, there is a cost for Facebook ads and without – at least some – experience, your Facebook ads may or may not be effective.

Enter Facebook Live…

Facebook Live is a native Facebook application that lets you stream live video to your viewers. Facebook Live is available to all Pages, profiles, and groups on Facebook.

Your Live video will appear in your followers News Feed and on your Page or profile (or in your group) as you’re live streaming, and Live broadcasts can last up to 4 hours!

Viewers of your live broadcast can share the live stream to their Facebook profile enabling you to reach more people, expand your reach, and move your audience through the know-like-trust factor rather quickly. It allows you to showcase your talents, answer common questions, and build your authority in this crowded online space.

“Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on his Facebook page. “This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together.”


Real-time Engagement

Imagine being able to talk to one of your guru’s, or a celebrity, in real time.

What if you could ask them a question and have them answer right then and there?

Wouldn’t THAT be cool?

Well, Facebook Live allows you to do just that! Viewers of your live stream can comment while watching live and you can speak to them directly.

Let’s say that I’m doing a live stream and Susan comments with, “Hey Kim, is it possible to share your screen on Facebook live?” Once Susan’s question pops up on my screen (as the host) I can immediately address her personally and respond to her question. “Hi Susan! Great question. Actually, you CAN screen share using Facebook live – in fact, there is a video on my Youtube channel to walk you through the process. I’ll drop the link to the video in the comments once I’m done the live stream so you can check it out.”

Susan and I may have never met in person, and may never have the opportunity to meet again if it wasn’t for her joining me on my live stream. I’ve been able to connect with her personally AND build my relationship with her by directing her over to my Youtube channel where she can get to know me better.

The ability to move your viewers through the know-like-trust cycle, essential for them to purchase anything from you or utilize your services, is like pushing the fast-forward button.

Cost-Effective Marketing

As I mentioned earlier, you can run Facebook ads to get your message out to a targeted audience on Facebook. But it’s gonna cost you.

You don’t need a fancy setup or expensive equipment to host a Facebook Live, and it’s free to use! You can host a Facebook Live on location using your mobile device or from your office or home using your laptop and webcam.

You still need to provide immense value to your viewers or the first time they watch you may be the last.

Increased Awareness of Events and Launches

Do you have a big event coming up? Ready to launch that online program?

Using Facebook Live you can create hype and excitement around events and launches.

Take your viewers behind the scenes to show the event or launch planning; give them a preview or a sneak peek at what’s coming up; run a Q&A to answer questions from those who may be interested.

Drive Page Engagement

Yes, it’s getting harder and harder to get the content you’re posting to your Facebook Page to be seen – even by those who already Like and/or follow your Page. Facebook itself has said that Live videos can drive 10 times more comments because of the real-time connection between users.

Hosting regular Facebook Live streams means you’re published fresh content to your Facebook Page. Those who engage with that video by watching it, sharing it, leaving comments, or clicking one of the reactions, are more likely to see future content you publish on your Facebook Page.

Metrics & Analytics

Facebook provides detailed analytics and metrics for your Facebook Page – called Insights.


You can view stats such as:

  • Number of video views
  • How many people viewed more than 10 seconds of your video
  • Average watch time
  • Percentage of those who watched the video with the sound on vs sound off
  • How many people the video reached
  • How many unique viewers
  • How many viewers were organic and how many were through paid (ads, boosting video)
  • Post engagement – comments, shares reactions

By monitoring the analytics of your Facebook Live streams, you’ll be able to tweak and improve the performance of your live streams to better reach and engage your audience.

Don’t let your fear of the camera, how others will view/judge you, or the dreaded “What will I talk about?” hold you back from using Facebook Live streams for your business.

Like anything, it gets easier with practice.

I’d love to know… are you using Facebook Live for your business and if not, what’s holding you back?

Leave a comment below and join the conversation!