I’m on my 5th cup of coffee – and it’s only 11:45am.

Bet you didn’t know how much coffee I drink!

I’m sitting down to write this blog post and realize that there are SO many things that my fans and followers don’t know about me.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to share these things about me with you, it’s just that I haven’t made this kind of sharing priority because I’m so often in “business mode” when I sit down to write.

So instead of writing another how-to post (because, you know, online education is my jam!) I decided to let my quirks out of the closet and let you get to know me – the human behind Brainy Girl – a little better.

So here’s me.. letting my quirkiness shine.


1. I drink a shit-ton of coffee. Like, 10-14 cups day. Not just any coffee – really goooooood coffee. Two cream, hold the sugar.  I’ve been drinking Tribal for many years now and have yet to find anything that compares to it. I swear it keeps me sane! I drink my last (very strong) cup of coffee just before I go to sleep at night – otherwise I can’t sleep. I don’t own a coffee brewer – I have the cutest pink French press that I love.

2. I was a tomboy growing up. I fished with my dad most weekend mornings (and can gut a fish quicker than most guys), helped him build houses, mud and mascaraand rode dirt bikes with the boys. I still prefer “blue” activities over “pink” ones.

3. I love to build things. I once made my son a bunk bed. I’ve made chests, tables, mirror frames, garden boxes. You tell me what you want and I can build it for you. I can also plumb a sink into your kitchen or put siding on your house.

4. I can’t work with background noise. I mean zip, zero, nada. Background noise distracts me thanks to my ADHD. One of the reasons I work from my home office is so that I can control the background noise. If the doorbell rings, I’m off task for at least 30 minutes.

5. Country, Reggae and R&B. That’s my music. I grew up on Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers – the original country artists. Yes, I get teased mercilessly for my love of country but I’ll always be a country girl at heart. But as much as I love country I also love the beach-rhythms of Reggae and the smooth, sultry sound of R&B.

6. I sang in bands for years. I had 10 years of vocal training and 10 years of piano lessons as a kid. In my early 20’s I started singing in bands and sang in a few different ones, mostly doing local gigs until… that one day when I got stage fright. BAD. At the end of that gig I knew it was the last gig I’d ever do, and haven’t sang on a stage since.

7. I hate being in the spotlight. Well, given what I just shared in #6 you’ll understand why. I don’t speak on stages. I’m cool with 1:1 interviews, in-person or on video, but don’t ask me to speak on a stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Terrifying!

8. I have one sister who’s 13 months older than me. She took the more “traditional” route and became a stock broker, and has been with the same company for about 25 years. She has blessed me with a niece and a nephew whom I adore!

9. I’ve been a single mom for 17 years. I have one son, Dante, who’s now almost 18 years old, and I’ve single-handedly raised him while running my own businesses. It was no easy task – but you’ll never hear me complain about it. I am one lucky mama. He’s become an amazing young man. He’s been obsessed with cars since he was born and will be starting college, after he graduates, to become a mechanic. His ultimate dream is to work on expensive sports cars – and promises to buy one for me. 😉

10. I went to college, right out of high school, to become an ECE (Early Childhood Educator). I only spent a year or two in the field after graduation as I realized that I couldn’t save the world on $15 an hour BUT it was one of the best parenting programs ever!

11. I started my life as an entrepreneur with a belly-masking business. I made plaster casts of pregnant women’s bellies, then hand painted them, as keepsakes.

12. My first venture into online business, 20 years ago, was web design and development. This was before the days of WordPress or template websites, when we had to code with HTML. I taught myself to build websites in 3 weeks through books and articles, and then built a Canada-wide child care directory online as my first project. It was graphically amateur but is still alive and still dominates the search engines due to the SEO. I sold the website within a year and dove into online marketing head-first.

13. I don’t like socks. I mean, I wear them if I have to, but I prefer bare feet year round.

14. I have no fashion sense. My entire wardrobe is black, white, grey, and pink. Why? Because I can’t generally wear any of my pieces together without thinking too much about whether the colours work together or not. I get some great fashion ideas from Pinterest, but…

14. I’d rather do ANYTHING but shop for clothes. Now, drop me off at Home Depot and I’m a happy girl.

15. My friends used to call me Pollyanna. Pollyanna is a best-selling 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter that is now considered a classic of children’s literature, with the title character’s name becoming a popular term for someone with the same very optimistic outlook. Another friend tells me that when The Universe was handing out dopamine I was clearly the first in line. I have an abundance of enthusiasm and excitement, and tend to always look for the positives of a situation.


16. Dirt makes me happy. I love gardening – the smell and feel of the dirt and picking my own vegetables from my garden to cook with. One day – when I slow down a little – I’m going to build some large greenhouses and start a program for moms and little ones to come garden, to connect with where their food comes from.

17. Speaking of food, after a year of veganism (and a lot of research) I recently started eating Keto and doing intermittent fasting. It hasn’t been very long but already I feel better and am looking forward to all of the benefits which seem to come with both.

18. I workout 5 days a week in the gym, and try to go for a hike, kayak, or other outdoor activity on the weekend. I feel happiest when I’m out in nature.

19. I’m a bookworm, although now I tend to listen to audiobooks more than I read. Anything by Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, or Abraham-Hicks. I also love podcasts focused on entrepreneurs and marketing. Oh – and true crime stories.

20. I cancelled our cable 4 years ago. I found that we were watching TV just for the sake of watching it! Now I binge watch Netflix series when I want to. I just made it through 13 episodes of the newest season of Orange Is The New Black in less than 24 hours. Now that I’ve made it through that season, I probably won’t binge watch again until the new season of Walking Dead comes out later this season.

21. I have a rescue named Petey. He came to us 7 years ago after being badly abused and dropped off in a parking lot. We spoiled the crap out of him (and still do!) and now he thinks he owns the joint.. but he’s too darn cute to discipline.


Well, that’s it for now. I sure enjoyed sharing these 21 things you didn’t know about me!

If you want to see more of the “human” side of me you can follow me on my Instagram account.

I’d love to hear some quirky things about you that make you YOU!

Just drop a comment below. It’s freeing! I promise.